Day 3 Loch Seaforth and Aline community woodland

Heading into north Harris today we travelled my favourite section of road , winding steeply down the mountainside overlooking seaforth Island and dropping into the river Sgaladail valley , its a fairground ride with an unbeatable view i was too busy oogling to capture in sketch but loch Seaforth offers many an opportunity for the artist and i caught a classic view from a convinient view point further down the route. Our next stop was Aline community woodland where we took to the walking paths to soak up the atmosphere . The restortive action of spending time in the woods is undeniable and i searched here for a view to use in one of my project paintings to celebrate this glorious area of the island. We were pleased to find the woods brimming with several varieties of mushrooms and i found myself sketching the river Ruadh as it carved a rocky path between the pines. Here i spotted and collected some gorgeous orange pigment now labelled and ready for paint making .Walking onwards towards the tree lined loch i found the view i had been searching for , and it was a good job i captured it there and then because the following morning a blanket of mist lay heavily over  forest completely wiping out the view.