Day 4 Mealsita and Cliff - Uig

Our day began in Aline woodlands Harris where we were shrouded in mist and unable to see much beyond our feet so we made a decision to head home to Bernera , refresh supplies and cross our fingers that the weather would improve ... and it did so off we went again. That afternoon we headed across to Uig as far south as the road will take you to our favourite place so far Mealista. Spending the afternoon here foraging the vast pebbled beach i found three different soft stone pigments to use for paint making , what a find that made my day. I took the chance to sketch the view across the water to the mountains of Harris ,  Scarp and Mealista island ,enjoying the now sunny weather and pinching myself that this was now my job. I find myself at great peace here , maybe it's the remoteness or the outlook  across the wild Atlantic, roaring and agitated yet guarded by the towering mountains to the east i don't know ? but we have enjoyed time here before and i know we will be back. We spent the night camped at the seashore and were treated to a stunning sunset that evening. Packed up and heading back north we stopped off at Mangersta beach ,strewn with half burried washed in logs, we found a rocky cove benig beaten by the crashing tide. the shape of the rocks here intrested me and i made some sketches for refrence. We took a tip off from a neighbour as we went on our way and followed a road less travelled to the most impressive of Uigs lochs , flanked on three sides by towering craggy mountains , in places the water was almost black with shade , i had to sketch this it was a magical place to see. Our last stop that day was cliff , where we parked above the beach and i took the chance to sketch the impressive rocks that make up the gently curving cove.