Day 7 Eoropie beach to Dalbeg

Wow , we spent the night at Eoropie beach and what a beautiful sunset . Once we had made our way through the vast and undulating sand dunes we were met by a long stretch of pristine coast with a bank of full and dramatic clouds hanging lazily across the horizon , each perfect detail  reflected back in the glossy wet sand and interupted only by the crashing of the waves onto the shore . To one end of the beach a rocky outcrop with an almost square hole carved right through it by the never ceasing crashing of the tide , to the other i found a bare cliff edge that hosted the most varied and plentiful cache of pigments i have found in a single area yet , i was thrilled . Onward the next day we paid a visit to the Trussel stone , the largest single standing stone in Scotland , the mighty stone stands six meters in height and at two meters wide it is a fantastic sight . Pertched on the hill overlooking the coast and said by the locals to mark a battle site there is little more known of the history of the giant stone but as one of the islands many mysterious megalith's and with towering presence i would recomend that it is well worth a look and if you want a hug , i did and on a four degree September morning , that big old stone was suprisingly warm ? . Our next stop was at Loch Shawbost bay , another suprise the bay was as stunning as it was unusual and  i can best describe it as having three distinct sections. There was a large loch to the south from which ran a stream that tumbled under a little stone road bridge and onto a rocky area of the right hand shoreline , then a large barricade area of sand dune that stretched across the lochs length separating it from a gently curving white sanded bay to the left . I loved it here , there was so much to see i realy didn't know where to begin sketching first. here in the cliff i found more pigment and this time i got some sizable peices , very satisfied we packed up to move onto our last destination for the day Dalbeg beach . A small bay where the tide came crashing in with gusto,  the cliffs here are carved with creveises , some now just stacks left surrounded by the water there was somthing romantic  about it's craggy coves that was reminicent of a good pirate story. The cliffs here were very wet but i did extract some iron based earth i hope to be able to dry out for use as pigment.