Rebecca grew up in Yorkshire where she attended Bradford College of Art before embarking on a Fine Art Degree at Falmouth College Cornwall. The wild Atlantic coastline of childhood holidays on the Isle Arran along with a mixture of memories of the rugged and un-spoilt North Yorkshire moors paved the way to her love of the un-tamed landscape. 

 Rebecca has worked on projects spanning the British isles including the unique island geology of the Outer Hebrides and the dramatic vistas of the South Western edge of Cornwall. Place, time ,wilderness and nature remain her constant sources of inspiration . Her paintings evoke a sense of the elemental and energetic whilst capturing the essence of human nature in it’s raw and poetic state , She says of her practice .. 

‘My art practice has evolved to become a series of painted love letters between my emotional state and my surroundings. Constantly adapting and evolving.The landscape endlessly braves the onslaught. Surviving and sustaining in order to renew. Nothing wasted , just re-invented.

The delicate balance between vulnerability and strength, inspires my working. My engagement with paint is born of an emotional response to a situation, a memory , a place or time .I choose to represent this by placing us as viewers within the wilderness of the natural landscape. '

Rebecca's work is exhibited widely in galleries across the Uk. She is the recipient of a Vacma award and Creative Scotland artist bursury for her work involving local raw pigments and traditional paint making